Compliance Tracking

Retail Compliance Tracker TM

Retail Compliance Tracker TM is an enterprise solution for environmental compliance tracking. It is environmental compliance tracking software that provides corporate compliance teams an easy, web-based and cost effective system for tracking environmental compliance across multiple sites, operations and jurisdictions.

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  • Off-the-shelf application
  • Quick and Easy Implementation
  • Minimal Development
  • Web-based, SAAS, Secure
  • Tasking & Escalation Functionalities
  • Built-in Retail Environmental Compliance Tasks
  • Built-in Inspection and Audit Forms
  • Compliance & Permit Tracking
  • Execution Accountability
  • Routine Reporting
  • Permits & Renewals Tracking

Environmental Compliance Tracking Software

Retail Compliance Tracker TM is a complete solution for retail environmental compliance tracking. It has advanced  features and enhanced functionalities. environmental compliance tracking software; retail compliance tracker; retail environmental compliance; web-based; web based; secure; interface; dashboard; inspection; monitoring; reporting; recordkeeping; asset managementThe workgroups and multi-media features provide immediate detailed site information, permits, inspection data, reporting, responsive actions, photos, audio, video media for the review of members of your team. In addition to your workgroups, our Enterprise Edition allows unlimited third party access settings to expand your workgroups outside of your organization. Below is a sample of our features.
If your company requires a user-friendly, cost effective web-based solution, Retail Compliance Tracker TM is it.
  • Asset, Permit, Renewal & Inspection Tracking
  • Built-in & Customized Task Lists
  • Automatic Email, Report & Distribution
  • Workgroup Sharing Solutions

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    Powerful Dashboard Analytics

  • Unlimited User Access Levels
  • Built-in and Customized Inspection Questionnaires
  • Customized Action Lists
  • Automatic Email, Report & Distribution
  • Online Work Authorization
  • Unlimited Third Party Access
  • Inspection Frequency Control
  • Unlimited Document Attachments
  • SSL Security True 128-bit Encryption
  • Daily Data Backup & Storage
  • Powerful Dashboard Analytics

Compliance Tracking Modules

Retail Compliance Tracker TM is already built to mange retail environmental compliance requirements.  While customizable, this environmental compliance tracking software was built for Retail and Logistics to keep your implementation and development costs low.  Our built-in modules include:

  • Enforcement Module tracks agency/regulator contacts, inspections, NOVs & fines
  • Tanks Module manages your petroleum storage tanks and associated permits, diesel fuelregistrations, renewals and compliance activities
  • SPCC Module manages oil Spill, Prevention, Control and Countermeasure plans, on-site inspections, annual plan reviews, 5-year recertification, training
  • Air Module manages air emissions permits, monitoring, recordkeeping, reporting, renewals for diesel and natural gas combustion units, including emergency generators, fire suppression pump engines, rooftop units, bakery ovens and other emissions sources
  • Wastewater Module manages pretreatment permits, registrations, monitoring, sampling,car wash; truck wash; waste water; wastewater; pretreatment; sewer permit maintenance, recordkeeping, reporting, and renewals for wastewater related assets, including grease traps, oil-water separators, septic systems and leachfields, battery washes, lime pits, car & truck washes
  • Stormwater Module
  • Water Supply Module manages permitting, registrations, licenses, monitoring & testing, reporting, for Safe Drinking Water Act Public Water Systems, water wells, water treatment equipment, state and local water use, withdrawal & production permits
  • Hazardous Materials Module manages inventories and activities (recordkeeping, reporting and renewals) for EPCRA Tier II Reporting & California HMBP/HMI
  • Special Recycling Module manages storage and recycling permits & registration, reporting and renewals; and storage, signage, inspection, signage and public education requirements for materials with heavily regulated recycling requirements:used tires
    • Used Oil
    • DIY Used Oil (public collection)
    • Used Oil Filters
    • Used Lead-acid Batteries
    • Used Tires
    • e-Waste