Retail Environmental Solutions

Retail Environmental SolutionsTM

Environmental Compliance for Retail and Logistics

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 Solutions for Retail Environmental Compliance within Reach.

Retail Environmental Solutions ™ provides Modern warehouse / distribution center with forklifts, material handling equipment. pick line. racking, batteries.innovative solutions to the unique environmental compliance challenges faced by the retail. Leveraging the lessons learned in serving retailers since 2003, the company couples the basic strategies of modern retail – innovative systems, efficient prototypes, price-competitiveness – with its traditional values of customer service, quality, value and entrepreneurship.

Helping retailers develop executable environmental compliance programs takes not only technical retail product & process and Federal & 50-state regulatory knowledge, it also takes a practical approach and experienced judgment. We can help prioritize and roll out your hazardous waste and compliance programs to high enforcement risk states.  We can help develop processes and a system to manage compliance execution at stores, distribution centers, data centers and corporate & support facilities.  Retail Environmental Solutions ™ offers practical, cost-effective solution to retail environmental compliance: hazardous waste, reverse logistics, hazardous materials shipping, environmental management systems (EMS), environmental compliance programs.

Practical Environmental Compliance Solutions at the Practical Pricing Retailers Demand.

Retail Environmental Solutions TM is an environmental consulting and services provider specializing in the retail industry. Whether it is reviewing your backroom hazardous and universal waste programs, posters and job aids or your hazardous materials shipping controls on your less-than-a-case pick lines at your distribution centers, RES can help.  A few of our services:

  • Environmental Compliance Consulting
  • Benchmarking
  • Compliance Program Gap Assessments
  • Environmental Compliance Program Development
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) Consulting

    Dashboard of environmental compliance program status. Root cause analysis; compliance data analysis; compliance tracking; compliance tracker; retail compliance tracker; retail environmental compliance management; accountability; environmenal management system; environmenal management information system; distribution center; logistics; obligations tracking

    Dashboard Visibility for your Environmental Compliance Programs

  • DOT HazMat Shipping Compliance
  • Permitting & Permit Management
  • Outsourced Compliance Management
  • Store & DC Visits, Audits, Training, Asset Inventories


  • Retail Compliance Tracker TM
    • Environmental Management Information System
    • Automated Compliance Reporting
    • Permits & Licenses Renewal Tracking

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